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Window Replacement for Santa Clara, California

What is the one thing about living in Santa Clara, California that makes you the most proud? Is it the weather that sees the sun shining more than 300 days out of the year or is it the friendly people and laid back atmosphere? Santa

Clara is the ninth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area by population and was founded in 1777. It was the site of one of the 21 missions that were set up in California during the 18th century and is home to the future football stadium for the San Francisco 49ers.

Santa Clara is located within the heart of Silicon Valley and is the home to some of the largest and most successful high tech companies in the world. Santa Clara University is home here as well and is the oldest institute of higher learning throughout the state.

There’s something about living in this great city that brings out the best in you and makes you want to strive to be even better. You also want to see the things around you improve as well. One of those things is likely your home.

Your home is your biggest investment.
For most people, their home is their single most significant investment. The average home mortgage lasts for thirty years now and with such a significant investment, you want to have the best looking home that you can. While there is little that you can do to change the appearance of your home aside from major renovations, window replacement is one that is relatively non-invasive and can dramatically alter the appearance as well as the value of your home.

How can window replacement change the value of your home? One of the most common things that we hear about when it comes to increasing the value of a home, especially when you’re placing it on the real estate market to sell, is called ‘curb appeal.’ Curb appeal is basically how your home looks from the street, or the ‘curb.’ Most of the focus around curb appeal, though, has to do with shrubbery, walkways, and other aspects, but it can also be part of the look of your windows.

What is one of the first things that you tend to notice when you look at a new home? When you pull up to the house for the first time or see the pictures of it online, for example, where do your eyes go? What do you seek out? For a high percentage of people, it’s the windows and doors. This is what makes the best first impression for the home and if your windows are old, appear worn out, cracked, peeling, or even the glass is stained from too many paint jobs that were quick and not fully completed, it can actually bring down the value of your home.

That’s why replacing the windows of your Santa Clara home can be one of the best things that you can do to increase its overall value. But I’m not thinking of selling my home any time soon, you might say. That’s fine, too, because the value of your home isn’t just about how much you might be able to sell it for. A higher valued home can increase the amount of loans that you could get if you were thinking about getting a home improvement loan, for example.

What windows are right for you and your home?
Did you know that you don’t have to get the same type of windows that you currently have? For example, you might have a traditional style of double sash windows that are common with California ranch homes. These could be quite old and worn out. Or you may have something that appears more modern, but you want a more classic look for your windows.

Whatever type of windows that you have right now, you can completely change the look and appearance with new ones. You’re only bound by your imagination (and the selection that are available to you, of course). At Creative

Window Company, we have been helping homeowners throughout Santa Clara replace their windows for more than twenty years.

We opened our doors in 1992 and have since installed more than 70,000 windows and 10,000 doors (that’s right, we also do doors!). We have a great selection of windows to choose from and rely on some of the best manufacturers in the country. We believe that you, our loyal customer, deserves to have the best selection at the best prices around.

A positive customer experience from the first call.
We have a simple philosophy when it comes to windows and doors: make the experience for every customer a positive one from the very beginning. That means that when you contact us, you’re not going to be met with a salesperson who is trying desperately to get you to commit to buying windows within the first five minutes. This is a major investment for you and even though we offer some great financing options, that doesn’t mean you should make your decision quickly or rashly.

Our professional and courteous staff members will sit down with you and understand what you’re trying to achieve with your new windows. We will listen to what you want, what your concerns are, and we will answer any and all questions that you may have with regard to windows or doors.

We will go over the various types of windows that we have to offer as well as the benefits of each of them. While some window companies would prefer to tout all of the positive aspects of their windows, without mentioning any of the negatives, we at Creative Window Company believe in providing you with all of the most accurate information. How else can you make the right decision for your home?

When you’re thinking about window replacement for your Santa Clara home, contact Creative Window Company. We’ll prove to you why we’re the best window replacement company throughout all of Santa Clara and Silicon Valley.






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