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Frequently Asked

How can replacement windows lower my energy bill?

Look for the "ENGERGY STAR" label: ENERGY STAR windows, doors, and skylights can reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 15%.

What is the cost for an in-home consultation?

Our in-home consultation is 100% free, and to be absolutely clear: At no time is there any obligation, and there’s also never any pressure on you to contract with us. We pride ourselves on providing honest, beneficial advice to help you make the very best decision. At no time will a representative pressure you to buy. We want you to be completely satisfied with your installation of windows and doors from start to finish. That’s always our number-one priority.

Will my window frames need to be replaced to install new windows?

This depends on your needs and your preferences. In most situations, you can retain your current window frames. This involves what are called “retrofit windows.” However, we can also remove the current frames if that’s what you need, providing “new construction windows.”

Whether to go with retrofit windows or new construction windows can depend on a number of factors, including permitting and architectural considerations. Budget can also factor into it, because retrofit windows are almost always less expensive to install. Our highly trained staff will be happy to consult with you on what best fits your needs and your price range.

I just need new windows- what are the differences between Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum windows?

Vinyl Frames
Vinyl is typically the least expensive frame option, though prices can vary considerably due to a variety of factors. These generally include the way the window is constructed and the thickness of the vinyl. These frames require little maintenance and a very strong from an energy efficiency standpoint, especially when the frame contains foam.

Aluminum Frames
Less insulated than vinyl frames, aluminum frames are prone to condensation problems. However, when an aluminum frame has insulating strips that separate the outside and inside — what’s known as a thermal break — it will perform decently in a warm climate. This kind of frame is close to the same price as a vinyl frame.

While aluminum frames cannot compete with vinyl frames in the areas of insulation and saving energy, they’re sometimes required by outside entities, such homeowners’ associations and condo boards, to ensure consistency and/or architectural preservation.

Wood Frames
Wooden frames can be good insulators, but only if the wood’s exterior is clad with vinyl or aluminum. It’s also imperative to protect wood frames from the weather by painting them. These frames are more expensive than vinyl — the difference can be as little as 15% or as much as 40%. While cladding adds to the expense, it also saves on maintenance down the road.

Why should I choose Creative Window?

We don’t need to tell you how important your home is. It’s where you live. It’s almost certainly your most valuable asset. Every investment you make into your home factors into its value, its beauty, its sense of tranquility. When you’re looking to renovate or improve your home, it’s not something you go into lightly.

So when you’re considering new installation of windows and doors, you want a company that’s fully licensed by the state of California, insured and bonded. That’s Creative Window.

You want a company with extensive experience and an top-notch record of completely satisfying its clientele — that’s Creative Window, going on 20 years as a leading replacement window company in the area.

You want a company that stands behind every purchase, every installation, every single transaction. That’s Creative Window. We know that the best way to keep our business succeeding is to provide customer service that’s the envy of the industry.

We provide clear, straightforward pricing with no hidden costs or surprises. We work with our manufacturers to offer our customer exciting specials and promotions. We never use outside contractors. We rely on our friendly, extensively trained staff for all our work, ensuring we can stand behind everything they do.

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